Help us put women’s history on the map

Have you seen our women's history map of east London? We've been adding women's histories from the Middle Ages to the modern day.

We know women make history, and yet just 2.7% of UK public statues feature historical women who weren't royalty. In fact there's just one statue of a named black woman in the entire country. And only 13% of English Heritage blue plaques in London honour women.

We want to balance the history books, starting with east London. By marking women's stories on a map we can show in a simple, visual way the rich history which is yet to be discovered. It also gives us lots of leads for our own research!

Send us your suggestions for stars on the map

Our map is a work in progress. We want to add even more East End women's stories and we need your help. Please send us your suggestions using the form below.

We just need a name, rough birth and death dates, a street or building they are associated with, and a link to a webpage for more information if there is one.



Help us tell a woman's story

If there isn't a page about this person on the web, why not write one? We would LOVE to have a profile on our blog for each star on the map.

Just write 300 - 800 words in an email or a Word doc and send it to us at You don't need to be a historian, everyone can join in!

And/or you can add an entry for that person on Wikipedia. It's free and easy to create an account and then add a new page.