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Ripper Museum refused planning permission for shopfront

Black and red Ripper Museum shopfront sign The latest twist in the sordid tale of the Ripper Museum is that their appeal for retrospective planning permission for their garish sign, black shopfront and security shutters has been denied. Apparently "Tower Hamlets Council will now be moving to enforcement action to secure the removal of the signage."

Sarah Jackson, co-founder of the East End Women's Museum said:

It's satisfying to see that the Ripper Museum's bizarre bait-and-switch approach to heritage management has begun to backfire. Hopefully taking the signage down will be the first step towards dismantling the whole rotten project.

There's a real women's history movement building in east London now, with brilliant new projects starting every day. Whether or not the Ripper Museum's doors stay open, the real East End Women's Museum is on its way.

And we agree with Mayor John Biggs that you should go and see East End Women: The Real Story at St George's-in-the-East around the corner!