We're not finished: exhibition and launch event

We're Not Finished is a free exhibition about women's activism in East London created by Eastside Community Heritage in partnership with the East End Women's Museum, on display at Whitechapel Idea Store from 21 March until 21 April.

The exhibition includes fascinating oral histories drawn from interviews and workshops which illuminate the experiences of women fighting for change in East London. The aim of the project is to help establish a history of women campaigners in the East End.

East London Federation of the Suffragettes

One of the main groups featured is the East London Federation of Suffragettes (ELFS), a radical group founded by Sylvia Pankhurst in 1914 in Bow. Sylvia separated from the work of her mother and sister in the WSPU as she believed that working class women had as much power as middle and upper class women in the fight for suffrage; Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst did not agree.

The ELFS membership was made up of and focused on issues relevant to working class women; they built a mass movement for equality and campaigned on many issues beyond the vote.

Women's working rights

But we’re not finished. Over the last century and today there are still issues of inequality, often in the workplace. Another area which the exhibition focuses on is women's fight to secure working rights - equal pay, maternity rights, better conditions, challenging sexist discrimination - and participation in the trade union movement.

Exhibition launch event

The exhibition will launch with an event on Monday 21 March at 5.30pm with speakers, refreshments, and activities related to the themes of the exhibition. More details coming soon!