About the Women at Watney project

Our market stall, March 2017

Our market stall, March 2017

Women at Watney: Stories from an East End Market documents the history of Watney Market in Shadwell through the eyes of women who use the market. Volunteers collected and transcribed interviews between March and May 2017 with visitors to the market, past and present. 

A small exhibition was created from the interviews, and some quotes and clips from the interviews have been made available on this website. If you'd like to know more about the project or you think you might like to display the exhibition please contact us.

The project was a collaboration between the East End Women’s Museum, Kings College London and University College London and was funded by the London Arts and Humanities Partnership.


Thank you to everyone who contributed interviews to this project.

Thank you to Tony BockPhil Maxwell and Diego García for giving us permission to reproduce their photographs.

Thanks also to the London Metropolitan ArchivesTower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives, and the East London Advertiser.

Thanks to Dr Alana Harris and Dr Andrew Flynn who developed and coordinated the project.

Finally, thank you to everyone in our volunteer research group who collected and transcribed all the interviews and helped to develop this exhibition: Jenna Byers, Elsie Doolan, Emily Harris, Grace Heaton, Mathilde Lester, Eleanor Lowe, Hannah Mawdsley, Adam McKie, Brian O’Keeffe, Anaïs Pedron, Tashi Petter, Diego García, Christopher Webb, Rosamund West.