Thank you

Since we launched this project we've received a lot of support and goodwill from numerous individuals and organisations who have given us their time, their money, their skills and expertise.

We simply could not do this without you. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

In particular we'd like to thank everyone who donated to our crowdfunder in March 2017 and helped us take our first steps towards making the museum a reality:

Abi Daly

Alexandra Runswick

Alison Lyon

Amelia Verrall

Anabel Marsh

Anand Madhvani

Andrea Dumbrell

Andrea Potts

Anne James

Anne Strachan

B Jackson

Becky Darke

Beth Page

Bryn Monroe

C Adams

Camille Stengel

Caroline Brown

Caroline Hadley

Carolyn Hirst

Cat Crossley

CE Mears

Charlene Price

Charlie Lord

Chi Thai

Chiara Capraro

Chloe Pursey

Chris Beaton

Chris Crawley

Ciara Walker

Ciron Gruffydd

Claire Hayward

Claire Mead

Connie Churcher

D Cavaldoro

Daisy Brickhill

Daniella Meaney

David Ring

Dean Anderson

Debbie Cameron

Dr Carrie Dunn

Ed Ingold

Eleonora Ossola

Eleonora Sammartino

Ella Marak-Freeman

Emily Oram-Lewis

Emily Sloan

Emma Winch

Eve Allan

Eve McMahon

Gabrielle Morris

Gavin Taylor

Gemma Hope

Gillian Coombs

Gillian Scott

Gregor John

H Mikhail

Hanna Stokes

Hanna Thomas

Hannah Eiseman-Renyard

Hannah McGivern

Hannah Wright

Helen Moyes

Helen Rule



Ilona Reynolds

J Buttolph

Jack Shoulder

James Eagle

James Graham

James Kneale

Jamie Dawes

Jenny Mulholland

Jess Roberts

Jessica Leech

Joanne Wood

Johanna Wilson

John Etherington

Judith Garfield

Judy Clarke

K Murray

Karen Regan

Kat Gupta

Kat Kennedy

Kate Prentice

Kate Summerside

Katherine Thompson

Kathryn Hewitt

Katy Jackson

Kerena Fussell

Kirsty Parsons

Kirsty Willis

Lady Talbot

Lauren Johnson

Lauren Massey

Leah Brickman

Lee Webster

Lily Brandhorst

Livvy Murdoch

Lizzie Hughes

Lo McEvoy

Lucy Caldicott

Lucy Taylor

Lyndsey Jenkins

Lynne Slowey

M Grealy

Maddy Price

Mair Craig

Mariah Bush

Marie-Claire Eylott

Mark Morton

Martin Brown

Maryann O'Connor

Meguey Baker

Melanie McGrath

Melanie Viner-Cuneo

Michael Lefevre

Michelle Rosenberg

Ms S John

Myk Zeitlin

Natalie Cain

Natalie Guest

Nick and Shiv Humfrey

Nick Golding

Paul Beard

Paul Wilson

Philippa Alden

Pippa Tandy

Rae Hazell-Edwards

Ralph Gobo

Rebecca Marsh

Rebecca Read

Richard Humm

Rita Chadha

Roopa Hinton

Rosie Birch

Rosie Clarke

Ruth Britt

Ruth Patten

S Johnson

Samantha Pay

Samantha W-H

Sandie Hill


Sarah Durston

Sarah Kate Holmes

Sarah Lesniewski

Sarah Willis

Sophie Orpen

Stefanie Agar

Sue Hogarth

Sue John

Sue McCarthy

Sumita Mukherjee

Susie Symes

Tabitha Hayman

The King’s Fund

Trevor McCabe

Vicky Bellman

Victoria Hayrabedian

Vivienne Egan

Zinebe Maach

Zoe Aukim

We would also like to thank our former Trustee, Judith Garfield MBE